• Late Tribhuwan Dutt Tripathi, the grandfather was an honest and loyal Police Officer who retired from the post of Kotwal. The story of his bravery is still very popular in the department. Before his Police service he had served in Military and participated in two important battles.
  • Maternal Grand Father Late Shri Paras Nath Mani Tripathi has been renowned freedom fighter. He campaigned with Mahatma Gandhi and Firoz Gandhi during imprisonment, fast, demonstration and Satyagraha. He served the rigorous life imprisonment term for nine years in connection with the fight for freedom.
  • In the family Bade Pita Jee, Father, Uncle, Brothers and 4 Sisters are Sanatan Dharmi Hindu (Brahmin) 18-2=16 in number. They all are highly educated, Advocate, Doctors, Engineers, Bank Officers and Lecturer. All are social, responsible and honest.
  • I have a family reputation of our ancestor with renowned family background for the last four hundred years; we have our relatives and other influential Social contacts of vital merit and importance.